If you are one of those women who do not know how to achieve the perfect make up, it is sure that you can make some advanced search on the web. There, you will be able to find videos that can teach you how to do maquillaje de ojos paso a paso. Do not be surprised, because this kind of video is the best way for you to complete some professional makeup for an impressive night out.

The turquoise, the electric blue and the neon green make the toppling for the look of winter. Choose eyeliner, as well as shade or mascara in one of these shades and attract all the attention. The summer might have passed, but the imaginative color combinations that prevailed during the last season continue changing our mood in a positive way. Dare fearlessly using the blue-green tones for your eye makeup and you will not regret that. The only thing that you need to do is to apply the eye shadow that you will choose over the upper eyelid, with an emphasis on both the inner and the outer corner of the eye. It is advisable not to entangle different shades, but instead stay loyal to one at a time. If you prefer the effects of impressive eyeliner, you must draw the first line with a matching pencil.

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